Sandy Skoglund's Radioactive Cats And Revenger Of The Goldfish

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Sandy Skoglund is an American photographer and installation artist where she builds elaborate sets, filled with props and human models, which she then photographs and makes it her unique art. In Sandy Skoglund’s artwork Radioactive Cats and Revenger of the Goldfish are two pieces of artwork that are unique in their own way. The similarities in the artworks would be the use of color, and the differences between the two would be the use of balance in the artwork. When she looks at her art piece, she sees a story being told. Overall, Skoglund’s art gives the viewer something to talk about. Her use of implied lines lets the viewer know what is going on. When the viewer looks at the artwork, she can tell that it was made by the same artist, because of the similarities between the two art pieces. A similarity that is in the open eye would be the use of animals that are standing out due to the complementary colors being used. The colors give the art pieces so much value, that it draws attention to the viewer, wondering what feeling she feel. The animals are standing out because of the use of contrast, making the viewer look right at the animals. Both images have the dark depressing feeling when looked at. This is because of the use of shade on each hue on some of the surfaces, giving the …show more content…
In Revenge of the Goldfish, Sandy is making the audience believe that they are looking at an aquarium filled with bright orange fish. The use of complementary colors makes it seem as if the fish were moving around the room. The colors being used in the picture make a huge contrast in which the background is in cool color and the sculptures of the goldfish are in a warm color. The most eye catching about this image is the fish. There are more than 100 goldfish alone, and the sharp sculptures of the fish draw more attention because of their bright use of