Sanela Beslagic Seminar 2 Periodical Report Essay

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Sanela Beslagic SEMINAR WEEK: 2
Periodical Report and Analysis on Subject: Using “Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)” for Effective Project Estimation A) Summary of topic
The article “Using “Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)” for Effective Project Estimation” by Ambadapudi Sridhar Murthy was very well written and very informative in helping understand and the break points of a projectorganizations also take the necessary corrective actions upfront to ensure that all of their programs/projects are fully compliant from a process, quality cost, time, scope and schedule perspective that are much compulsory to meet the delivery demands of the Client/Customer in this progressively challenging project galaxy across the globe.(Murthy,2014)Another great and informative about the article was “Scope” which is the ore need for all projects. One of the most important tools – the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for understanding and decomposing project scope and also the various advantages/successes that a project team could derive if a WBS is well-prepared and used through the duration of the project (Murthy,2014). B) Why this article was chosen
The reason this article was chosen was because Mr.Murthy has extensive experience in the field of software project planning, scheduling, risk management, budget management, and vendor management. WBS process or procedure is followed, the chances of a successful project estimation, planning and implementation are much higher which would help the global project teams to minimize project risks and also benefit them from getting entangled into a unnecessary change control/scope-creep/project-delay discussions which are the some of the most common avoidable issues persisting in the project management space today (Murthy, 2014) C) Reader's impression The reader(s) of this article were impressed with the Mr.Murthy and his knowledge of Project Management. I know myself I like to read about someone who as passion and knowledge on something that I’m pursuing in. Project Management is a hard field to compete in and the best are needed for this, he also received his bachelor degree in chemical engineering. Breaking-up scope into smaller activities is not going to help unless one is clear on the actual output desired from the given requirements.

D) Significance of article to the topic, As an Assistant Manager I have to deal with basically everything a Project Manager deals with, and I realize how important certain steps are. You have to be very organized, clear communication, knowledge and have experience in the field. Some of these tasks you can watch someone else perform and learn, but…