Sanford J. Ungar: The Importance Of Higher Education

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The Importance of Higher Education In the 21st century, society is divided from the question if a higher education matters or not. When the conversation comes to higher education, first thing that comes to mind is a degree for a successful career, but that's not all that matters. Higher education can affect more of your personal life than your own career pathway. People with more education and knowledge can open more doors of opportunities than people without a higher education. Of course, there are some exceptions of very successful and wealthy people that did not have too many opportunities to study, but those people have reached their goals and became important without a higher education. College education in the 21st century matters, because it's more than just a degree, it's a preparation for life, its knowledge that makes part of each person's intellectualism. Going to college is a great choice for people as they have more opportunities in life for career purposes or even for personal life issues as a result. Everything that people learn is more …show more content…
As Sanford J. Ungar claims in his essay "The stem fields----Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics----are where the action is" (Ungar 229). Ungar says that because the world is in the creation phase. On those fields is where the development of new ideas are, and that's why people kind of despises The Liberal Arts, they think that The Liberal Arts are a waste of time for their degrees because they aren't going to use in their jobs, but every single profession is important, everyone has their role in the job market. To be an engineer, you have to know a little of basic literature or even history because that will help the engineer to build the blueprints according to the culture or place where he is doing the job, that's all about