Similarities Between Canada And The Great Depression

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J. Santiago
Throughout the years of 1929 to 1939 there was a world wide Depression.
The United States of America and Canada both suffered from the Great
Depression. When the Great Depression hit America it truly made the American dream seem impossible . Most Americans were not able to purchase new automobiles, new houses and other durable goods. Canada was one of the worst affected countries financially and economically the country began to collapse regardless of what was done by political power. The United States of America and Canada both share similarities that dealt with how it affected the people, the governments response and how they got out of the depression.

In the 1920s the automobile was emblematic consumer production was both important stimulus to the United States and Canada. By the middle of the decade canada was producing half a million automobiles a year which helped them and made them successful despite the fact that only a few canadians were able to purchase a automobile at the time. In the United States automobiles were a great essential most the the American economy depended on the automobiles production but preceding the crash, the automobiles sales dropped not just in the United States but also in Canada. There were structural problems in the

economy of both the United States and Canada made it inherently unstable. This problem was made up by the world’s reliance on the wealth of the United States economy. It made the Canadian economy vulnerable to the instability of the
United States. Canada’s economy relied heavily on exports to the United States.
Which happen when the stock market crashed. Too many people were buying stocks “on margin” which means that they borrow money from the bank in order to buy more stocks .But the stock market wasn't the great cause that led to the
Great Depression was the dust bowl. The dust bowl which was also known as the
"dirty 30's" was one of the worst dust storms that damaged the agriculture of the
United States it badly affected 100,000,000 acres most of them became useless.
It stretched from Canada to the southern states. Western farmers in Canada were also unable to survive because of the failing economy in the United States less demand for their products. Intensifying the economic impact of the Great
Depression forcing thousands of families to abandon their homes and farms.

The United States of America was made up of immigrants who came from different places that wanted to live the american dream which was to own a house, have an automobile and have a good paying job. When the Great
Depression hit the United States many americans thought that it might be the

end of the American dream because of how fast the economy crashed. Through industrialization the economy had changed in so many ways that people did not know what the future held for them. The crash of the stock market wasn’t what really caused the Great Depression but many Americans thought that it was. The main effect that affected the southern people was the “Dust Bull” which also happen to affect the Canadian people. The dust bull didn’t have a big effect on canada as it did in the Southern states of the United States it damaged the ecology and agriculture. The dust bowl spread rapidly and affected 100,000,000 acres which most became useless farmers and their families had to leave their homes. The dust bowl was badly affecting the American. It caused people to suffer from numerous health conditions including dust pneumonia, approximately
500 people died. The dust bowl didn't just affect the southern states but it reached some of the northern east states. It eventually reached New York and it affected the daily lives of the people. The dust bowl lasted about five to ten years
. The Americans and Canadians not only share this historical act