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Recap of SAP 1
The strength I would like to improve is emotional intelligence. In my point of view, strange motional intelligence helps people controlling emotion, understanding others, motivating themselves and building harmonious relationships. My goal is to improve my emotional intelligence to help me come to a better understanding of course material and help me better understand the underlying emotion of a communication. On the other hand, the weakness I choose to improve is the time management. In my personal life, managing time means planning out my day. My goal to improve my time management skill is to make out a clear and accurate schedule for this term and plan tasks efficiently. Moreover, I hope I will never rush things before the deadline or waste any time at home.

Personal Reflection
At the very beginning of the project, I feel that it is easy for me to improve my emotional intelligence and time management skill with my plans. What I need to do is just finish what I planned step by step. But when I started to implement my action plan, especially after one week, I find it is impossible for me to reach my goals with my initial plans. Some parts of my plan are hard to finish efficiently even it sounds like a good idea. For this reason, I have tried to change some parts of my action plan, but it still made me feel these plans is useless and Inefficiency. Thus, I asked my teammates and roommate for the suggestion. The answer from them was unexpected; they told me my plan worked well. Then after one more week, I found my project did worked and I firmly believe I will achieve a full improvement since I continuing the action plan.

Design Issues
i. My implementation steps for improving my emotional intelligence is: firstly, do a deep self-analysis in week one; secondly, focus on listening and understanding others, especially the body language in week two and three; thirdly, randomly record one thing I did every day and put myself into others’ place to think about this thing everyday during week four, five and six; lastly, read some article about emotional intelligence and make a conclusion about my plans in week seven. The first step here gives me have a deep self-awareness to help me better understand myself. The second and third steps help me to improve my emotional intelligence with careful observation and thought. And in my opinion, standing in others’ position helps me lots through accepting and thinking different ideas. The last step in my action plan is trying to do a comparison to help me step up. The action plan I used to improve my time management skill is: firstly, write down all the things I need to do for next six weeks on my computer, including the date, location and time; secondly, every Monday, I will then invite my roommate to evaluate my work from last week; lastly, in week seven, I will do a final evaluation with my roommate. The first step is design for macro-control of my time. This is the foundation design for my time management. The second step helps me summarize and rethink week by week, which makes my action plan more effective. Last step here gives me a final report for my action plan and helps me keep improving in the future.

ii. In the way of implementing my action plan, I find more problems in my initial plan. Firstly, I changed the third step in emotional intelligence to record one thing per week instead of per day. The reason for why I made this change is that things happens everyday, but most of them has a low value for me to put myself into others’ positon to rethink. Pick one thing that worth rethinking and think about it is much more effective. Secondly, after we have finished SAP 1, I find that Haider Muhammad is planning improving diversity acceptance. So we decided to meet one time per week and talk about things that happens around us or in our country. This is a win-win strategy for both Haider Muhammad and me. In the time management part, I changed the second plan to ask my