Sap Lumina Cloud Essay example

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Use the full data set that you uploaded to answer all questions. Be sure to include the graph for ALL questions. Lumira Cloud 1 – Revenue by Team Question: Which team had the highest revenue? What was the revenue? Time 10 min
Hint: Use a column chart. From Measures, drag Revenue into Y-Axis, from Dimensions, drag Team into X-Axis. Find the sort tool next to the database name and change Sort of revenue to descending. Use Save to save the visualization as Q1. The team with the highest revenue is Team RR. Team RR’s revenue is 32,297,797.51.

Lumira Cloud 2 – Revenue by Product Question: What product had the highest revenue? What was the revenue? Time 10 min Zeist 10 Min.
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Lumira Cloud 5 – Revenue by Distribution Channel and Product Question: Are there any products that don’t sell in specific distribution channels? Specify which products do not sell in which channels? Time 10 min
Hint: Use a heat map. Area Color – Revenue, Area Name – Distribution Channel & Area Name2 – Product. Save as Q5.

Lumira Cloud 6 – Price by Product and Team
Question: What was the highest price paid for 1kg Raisin Muesli and which team sold it at that price? What did team MM sell the Raisin Muesli for? Time 10 min
Hint: Use a column chart. Y-Axis –Price, X-Axis – Team. Legend Color – Product. In the resulting chart, add a rank of top 1 for price. Save as Q6.

Lumira Cloud 7 – Quantity by Team and Product Question: Which team sold the most quantity of muesli? What was the largest quantity that this team sold? What was the name of this Product? Time 10 min
Hint: Use a tree map (under Heat Map). Measures: Size - Quantity. Dimensions: Label - Team. Click on the team with the highest quantity and select filter. Next, add Product to Label. Save as Q7.

Lumira Cloud 8 – Revenue and Price by