SAP used by defense organizations Essay

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Future global, multinational peace keeping, and humanitarian missions require mission-capable defense forces that are integrated, responsive, and effective. Meeting these goals requires coordinating command and control for force deployment, insuring effective operations of sustainable defense teams and utilizing available resources in an effective way.
Best run defense organizations use SAP technology to increase mission effectiveness and increase cost visibility. SAP’s solutions enable defense and security organizations to access and analyze rising volumes of data to support the real time decision making needed for effective operations. They can quickly integrate both structured and unstructured data and produce a common operating picture for decision making. With comprehensive data analysis, decisions can be made faster and more flexibly.
Mobile solutions from SAP help support effective and efficient resource management. For example, they offer immediate overviews of materials required during defense operations and exercises, as well as distribution. Private cloud technology from SAP can reduce the cost and risk of deployment, as well as support new service models. SAP has been working with defense and security mechanisms for over 40 years and 44 of the world’s military forces rely on SAP technology and solutions to remain effective and agile.

With SAP software, force planners can create a capability-centric table of organization and equipment (TOE) for any mission.