Sara Lee: The Unno Launch

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Brand Management Sara Lee: The Unno Launch

1. What were Grupo Sans’ brands and what brand identity did they have?

Grupo Sans, a leader in Spanish underwear market in 1970s and 1980s, was founded in 1960 in Mataró. Becoming a part of Sara Lee Corporation, the multinational company with the biggest at that time textile division in the world, in 1991, contributed to the growth and development of the company, and has led to the fact that 9 years later(in 2000) Grupo Sans’ income accounted for more than one-fourth of Sara Lee’ income in Spain.

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Name Year Target Group Values Name Year Target Group Values Name Year Target Group Values

Abanderado 1963. 1st underwear brand of Grupo Sans. Men and young boys. Was
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Therefore, it made more sense for them to launch the new product and new technology under an entirely new brand: Unno. That way, they could focus on building the brand from scratch and making sure it was perceived the way they wanted.
4. How would you assess Unno as a brand name?


Makes think of leader Brand “the first to do something” Unifies brands for women and men Short, “cool” name – just what teenagers want May lead to confusins “Unno” or “You no” in English, for example Unno – one piece Sounds Italian – this is good for fashion industry

The goal of launching the Unno brand was to create a new product line that was perceived as something modern and innovative. We believe that the name Unno fits perfectly with this goal because of several reasons. First of all the word “Unno” is an alteration of the word Uno, which means one in Spanish. This is perfectly in line with Grupo Sans’ strategy for the new brand: to be the leader in the new technology and in the new segment they target. Moreover, it can be associated with being the first to get into this market, being the first mover. In addition to this, the brand “Unno” also signifies the unification of Grupo Sans’ male and female brands.


As a name, Unno sounds cool and is short enough for people to remember easily. Young adults, Unno’s main target, will feel identified with the brand and the name will help them perceive the brand’s image. Moreover, the