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Sara Albeajan
Ms. Palmer
ESL 112
October 28, 2014

Advertising Does the advertising influence us to buy something just because advertised it? When consumers see advertising on TV, magazine and newspaper most people have curiosity to try or see it. In addition, the effect of advertising can influence on our decision bout which product we decide to use. Consequently, advertising influence us to to buy products by two methods which are marketing and psychology those are can really influence us to buy and believe what we see. First Marketing, according to the “On Sale at Old Navy, Cool clothes for identical zombies “ by Damen cave (268) consumers attracted with advertising specially with word on sale or discount and gave us an example which is about Old Navy Store. As a result, marketing influence us to buy that product which shows in amazing media such as TV or magazine. Companies believe that if they spend money on the advertising it can affects customer and increase the number of demanded. Furthermore, credibility is very important for marketing and product quality because the quality can be the reason for marketed by people makes them buy it this product throw talking and praise it. For example Apple Company has high quality on technology and devices that make people want to have a device from Apple. Second method is psychology effects, which can change people, think or make them agree about something. For example, people who love famous basketball player and he is on TV with Nike shoes his fans will decide to wear as his shoes. That is kind of advertising plays on person psychological and makes person believe and loves that product. On the other hand, shopping online make consumers have a large chance to shop. According to