Sarah Edmonds Research Paper

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The Adventurous Life of Sarah Edmonds Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds was not your typical teenage girl. She strived for adventure and lived a remarkable life. She did lots of things most people wouldn’t be able to do from impersonating as the opposite sex and even living disguised as a different race all because she was helping fight for what she believed in. Sarah Edmonds was important to the Union Army as a spy, retrieving overriding information during the Civil War. Sarah was born in New Brunswick , Canada in 1841 to parents who’d have been longing for a healthy son to compensate for her older torrent brother.
Sarah’s father was immediately unforgiving and deranged about his newborn daughter's reproduction organs. Sarah wishing she could please her dad tried to act like a boy,
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Due to all of Sarah’s time spent in swamps and and damp areas as a soldier she had contracted malaria, which left her with a difficult decision. Sarah had to decide whether it was worth risking seeing a doctor and then possibly finding out about her true sex, or to leave the army. Sarah choose to leave the army and to receive care at a private hospital so she could recover. After the war had ended Sarah returned to her identity as a woman, got married and , had children. Years later she applied for a veterans pension and her fellow soldiers were surprised to find out that Private Frank Thompson was really a woman, but even though she was a woman they all agreed she was a brave and resourceful soldier. When Sarah was asked what drove her to perform such heroic deeds she said “I am naturally fond of adventure, a little ambitious, and a good deal romantic-but patriotism was the true secret of my success” p.27. Sarah Edmonds was a courageous and adventurous woman who had no doubts about whether she wasn't appreciated, she loved helping her country in every way she could and lived a very memorable