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Sarah Saelee
Professor Freeland

Children Should Wear School Uniforms

One question modern day schools have been asking is whether or not students should be made to wear school uniforms. Most likely children want to wear whatever they want, as they see their appearance as an outward expression of themselves. Yes, there are definite pros’ and cons to wearing school uniforms. Although I, as one, feel students should be made to wear uniforms as I feel this could greatly affect them in positive ways.

Many people feel that uniforms prevent children from self-expression. Although I do feel that children need to be unique, and special, and to be able to express themselves, there are other ways to self-express. In high school children are trying to “fit in” to be part of a group and so a sheep like mentality ensues. Where children feel they need to look a certain way to be accepted. Therefore, are children really expressing their true selves or are they using their clothing as a means of masking who they really in order to join the herd?

In schools these days unless it is a religious school following one main religion, there are many students with different religions and beliefs. If students were to wear their specific religious garb at school they would be singled out and already be put into a certain group. Therefore they are being judged solely on their outward appearance. Perhaps it would hinder them socially as their peers would already have preconceived ideas about them. By wearing a uniform, everyone looks the same outwardly, this meaning that in order to get to know somebody the student would have to speak to them and know them for who they are on the inside. Children could learn from this, and learn to be more tolerable and understanding about people whom are from different backgrounds and cultures.

Another reason I feel uniforms are a positive is due to financial reasons. These days with many people feeling the effects of the economic crises it is hard to afford expensive designer clothing. Children, especially teens watch television and read magazines about their favorite musicians and television stars, for the most part these celebrities are wearing very expensive