Senior Day Graduation Speech

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Hi everyone my name is Sarah Lopez and this is my senior year, but I’ve been around this school for what seems like forever. I have 4 older sisters who all attended centennial so coming here never scared me if anything I was excited to come; this place is like a 2nd home to me. Playing basketball at centennial and playing for Coach Clayton was something I anticipated and was excited for a very long time. I’ve been playing basketball since I was in 2nd grade and since my father decided cheerleading wasn’t a sport. All kidding aside I’m going to start off by thanking god for putting me here with this family and at this time I’m just very grateful for the people I have in my life people I call friends but especially my family. To my parents, I have seen the sacrifices they made for me and my sisters to play the sports we love and just to be where we are as a family it’s because of my mother and my father that I am who I am and I am very proud of that. They’ve gone up and beyond for me from buying me the equipment I needed, to the traveling from city to city and other times to different states, just so I could play the game I grew to love and I could never say thank you enough, but thank you. And to my sisters thanks to them for making my life easier from Sandra and Julie to Sabrina and Cynthia they are not only my sisters but my best friends. Now to Coach Teacon and Coach Eddie they have both been like father figures to me. Showing us that the proper response to adversity and fear is perseverance and courage. It has been a privilege to be coached by you both since 4th grade. You have both