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Question 2. I warm up and cool down for my CP by doing a slow jog first then a medium run to get my blood pumping and all my muscle warmed up and ready to go. After my medium run I do a slow jog to a slow walk which helps my heart rate and breathing to return towards resting levels gradually.
Question 3. In CP i stretch my arm muscle’s to prepare, and as well as my legs, back, neck. And my hamstrings.

Question 4. You may occur injuries in you ankle by being high on demy point and not holding you core muscles up and losing your balance and falling onto your ankles.
You could injure your foot by not holding your core muscle and control of the upper body when doing a toe breaker bruising the top part of your foot, instead of lightly falling onto your foot without a sound.
An injury that could occur with your knee is when your holding one of your legs beside your ear and not using all your muscle to control and using your core to balance your supporting knee would have all to weight on it and not probably supported and your knee cap could roll out and get out of place cause a very painful and long injury.
A hip injury that could occur is when doing the splits, when in the position of the splits and not holding your core you hip could pop out and be very painful.
By not warming up your torso you could get a injury, by doing strong, quick, movements on it could give it some pain.
Doing a back roll onto your shoulder could make an injury if…