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Sarah Winnemucca
She was born in the year 1844, She goes by Sarah Winnemucca but her birth name is Thocmetony, meaning shell-flower. Sarah comes from a tribe called the Norther Paiutes, they are from Nevada. Both Grandfather and Father were chiefs of the Piute Nation, though her father through the marriage of her mother, not blood. At 6 years old Sarah began interaction with “the white man” on a trip to California with her grandfather, at age 13 she became member of Major Ormsby’s household.
By the time Winnemucca was 14 years old she fluently spoke 5 languages. 3 Native American dialects, Spanish, and English. At age 16 she and Elma (her younger sister) were educated in convent school in San Jose, California. Though they were never officially admitted to school, it was their grandfather’s passing wish that they attended it. In 1871- At 27 years Sarah old became interpreter for Bureau of Native American affairs at Fort McDermitt in Oregon. She went on to marry Lieutenant Bartlett, but left him within the year due to his constant leaving and moving for work. Later on in life she married a Native American man whom she left due to abuse both mental and physical.
Winnemucca Traveled to Washington D.C. to speak out for Native Americans, this was hindered due to her becoming an interpreter and scout in the Bannock war of 1878. During this time she traveled to Idaho. She traveled nonstop for over 48 hours without rest of food. Due to this she was able to save her father. In 1880 the