Sarbanes Oxley Act Essay

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The Effects of Ethical Behaviour and Professionalism in the Accounting Practice

Introduction and Need for the Study
Unethical behaviour is becoming a more prominent in the professional world of accounting. The impact that unethical behaviour has on accountants, shareholders and the organization has proven to be harmful as can seen by various companies that have fallen within a similar path such as Enron. There are several factors that can encourage unethical behoviour within accounting. Unethical practice in a corporation has proven to be detrimental which can destroy the reputation of the corporation and people around it as well as the accounting profession in general.

The main objective of this research topic is to gain insight in unethical accounting practice that has occurred in corporations such as Enron. Also, to examine factors that is linked to unethical behavour and professionalism. Lastly, what remedies and acts have been established to prevent these unethical behaviours from occurring again.

Methodology and Sampling
Secondary sources such as credible journals and books will be used in order to have accurate information. Individuals who have experienced these types of situations can be interviewed about the related topic.

Time is a limitation due to the fact individual may not be able to meet for an interview or I may not be able to find individuals to who will want to talk about unethical behaviour that has occurred in