Essay on Sarcasm: Race and Simple Fix

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The World as a Better Place: Unglued at the Seams An inside look on how it could be The constant bicker amongst cultures can be unbearable and maddening, yet we find no solution. What if I told you all your troubles could be solved with a simple fix? Would you agree that living amongst your own would solve all of your problems? No more having to share the same air with those ungrateful people. Life could be a breeze. I think all races can agree that there will always be some sort of hostility amid the different cultures, so why live amongst them? Blacks would be better off without the whites, and the Indians without the Mexicans, and so forth and so on. If only there was a way to solve this evolving problem. I propose a split of the states in order to accommodate the different ethnicities and never again to see those of another color. As the boarders change it is only fair and right that the lands be split to house the holders. A comfortable environment is extremely important in order to accomplish stable living. As we see now, there is a constant bicker and question of the fairness between races. Many stereotype the ethnicities as the whites being “rich,” the blacks being “impoverish,” the Indians as “earth-lovers,” and the Mexicans as “lazy maids.” So why live around people who do not appreciate or care for you? Only your color will stand up for you and be your family, never a mixed duo.
Many lives have been ruined because of