Sarcasm: Text Messaging and Jesus Vazquez English Essay

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Jesus Vazquez
English 4
Toliver- 6
Texting & Driving Many teenagers and adults nowadays text and drive at the same time. It’s really important to me when I’m driving to text back because I have to respond back because what if it’s one of my friends in a die or live situation? What if it’s my mom and she needs me to go help her with something very important? I mean it’s not like anything can happen to you while you text and drive. Only things that can happen is that you kill yourself, you can kill another person that’s in the road walking or a person in another car; but that’s it, nothing really that big. They are also some that are very good at it but others aren’t. I personally think that I am a great text and driver! I do it all the time! I’m so good at it that I should get a trophy for it. I honestly think that there should be a competition for text and driving. That way we can see who has the best talent and vision. Like think about it. The people who think that they’re really good can all gather up and have a race or drive around while they text and the first person who crashes is out of the competition. It sounds like a great idea to me and the people who get injured can just go to the hospital and get checked and stuff.
Every time I drive around with my friends, most of the time I’m texting and they get scared but I laugh because there’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s not like I’m going to crash or anything? There was this one time when I almost hit another car and my friend got extremely scared but I just got real sad because that could’ve ended my perfect record of not crashing while texting and driving. But thank god I didn’t crash and until today I still have a perfect record!
People all over the world text and drive and only some of them die but others don’t and I’m one of those others because my