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Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1


SAT2- Leadership Task 1 Lauren Hutcheson ID#: 282778 April 14, 2014 MBA – Healthcare Western Governors University

Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1


A1. Leadership Style Upon conducting research, it is clear that the definition of “leadership” is not agreed upon. It is fluid, based upon many perceptions, situations, and surroundings. According to Robinson (2010), adopting a specific style of leadership is rather futile as it is, “contingent on the personal traits of the leader, the people being led, and the nature of the activity.” Tools are available to help guide potential leaders in determining a preferred style of leadership. For example, utilizing the “Leadership Self-Assessment
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Upon trialing new materials, management meets with the staff to discuss the beneficial and negative aspects of the items. This information is taken into consideration, a final decision regarding the item is made, and the results are shared with the staff. Input from the staff regarding the decision is reviewed, and a final decision is made by management. A sense of satisfaction is obtained by management knowing their team has trialed, tested, and approved an item. The staff in turn is provided with equipment that they have tested,

Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1


and know it will aid in conducting their work in a safe and effective manner. An an added bonus, morale is increased. Retention: As stated above, the staff now becomes an active participant in determining the future success of the facility. By giving them a voice, giving them the tools necessary to complete their jobs quickly, safely, and effectively, many aspects of the facility grow and prosper. Allowing employees to be active in the growth of the organization encourages employees to stay with the company in order to see their plans implemented and sharing in the success. This improves employee retention and cuts down on the high costs of turnover. Additionally, it creates a good impression within the community as employees take pride is stating with whom they are employed. Moreover, individuals will want to become a part of such an