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SAT Timed Writing #1 in 60 minutes
A leader is someone who others consistently want to observe for new trends and ideas. Many people want to lead well, but they cannot. So how do people success in leading? Undoubtedly, there are many important qualifications for a leader, but the most important is a strong moral character.
First of all, if somebody becomes a leader, he must have some special characteristics to make others believe in him. For example, in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Caesar has a strong will, and he keeps his own opinions. Although others attempt to persuade him he stays with his opinions, which is also why people respect him. Caesar is great because it is difficult for somebody to not be fooled by the flattery of others, but he did. His work has its own principle and he never changes them for any reason. Similarly, Steve Jobs, the former Apple creator, didn’t give up his ideas, even when he got kicked out of his own company. Many years later, the company was facing the danger of collapsing, they eagerly took him back to work, and he designed many popular products. As we can see, the Apple Company is very prosperous today, if Jobs accepted other’s ideas then, it would not be like this, and there would be no convenient phone for people today. So we need to remember to always follow our hearts, whatever we do and wherever we are, it will give us confidence and make us successful.
On the other hand, the strongest quality of a leader is facing problems in a mature way and knowing how to deal with them. For example, when U.S.A. sent the spaceship Challenger to space in 1986, it exploded and all the astronauts died. The entire U.S. filled with a breath of sorrow. At that…