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Banal means to be boring, ordinary, common, and unoriginal .
The banal green light is so depressing to stare at for a long time.
Belabor is to put extreme effort on to something and can also mean to hurt someone severely with word or fists. The fact that teachers belabors high school students with no homework does not help their sleeping habits, because they stayed up late to finish their homework
Coherent means rational or a consisistent argument,also could mean making a whole or coming together as one.
The teacher had a coherent argument with a student about his answer on his test.
Emulate means to be equal to or better than someone in achievement
When my intelligent friend told me she got a 98% on her exam, and she saw the person next to her had a 100%, they were emulate each other.
Eschew is to have no association with a person, or to ignore someone.
First the principal tried to help a student fit into high school, then thse student was trying to eschew the principal, because he thought he would become an outcast with his new friends.
Insatiable is to be challenging to deal with. The parents had a insatable teenager had home who never listened to them to teach her a lesson they made her get a job and she learned her lesson to be respectful to her parents.
Reconnaissance is the examination taken for inspection of the military
The military commander had used a Reconnaissance to see who the best in his army is.
The heavy rain made it substantiate for the need of umbrellas .
The child found the Substantiate for his essay in English class.
Taciturn means a person who is aloof does not talk much.
The teacher called on the taciturn teenager for a answer he kept quiet because he thought his answer was wrong.
Temporize is when a person stops to waste time or waiting for another better circumstance comes to play in the time while the situation occurs. BY using the phrase uuuhhhhhh a person can infer that the person person is trying to waste some time until he or she can come up with an answer.
Tenable is being able to be protected. The cover saved the tenable phone form shattering when it hit the floor.
Accost is to face hardships in a hostile way The