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1. abate: reduce or lesson 2. abdicate: give up a position 3. aberration: something unusual, different from the norm 4. abhor: to really hate 5. abstain: to refrain from doing something 6. adversity: hardship, misfortune 7. aesthetic: pertaining to beauty 8. amicable: agreeable 9. anachronistic: out of the context of time, out of date 10. arid: very dry 11. asylum: sanctuary, place of safety 12. benevolent: friendly, helpful 13. bias: a prejudice towards something or against something 14. boisterous: enthusiastic, loud 15. brazen: bold 16. brusque: short, rude 17. camaraderie: togetherness, trust, group dynamic of trust 18. canny: careful 19. capacious: very large, spacious 20. capitulate: surrender 21. clairvoyant: can predict the future 22. collaborate: work together 23. compassion: sympathy 24. compromise: meeting in the middle, settling differences 25. condescending: patronizing 26. conditional: contingent upon something else, contingent upon 27. conformist: someone who follows the majority 28. convergence: coming together 29. deleterious: harmful 30. demagogue: rabble-rousing leader 31. digression: straying from main point 32. diligent: hard-working, dedicated 33. discredit: dishonor someone, prove something untrue 34. disdain: to regard with scorn 35. divergent: moving apart, going in different directions 36. empathy: feeling someone else��s feeling 37. emulate: following someone else's example 38. enervating: tiring 39. ephemeral: fleeting, temporary 40. evanescent: not lasting long 41. exemplary: outstanding 42. extenuating: something that makes the situation not as bad 43. florid: ornate 44. forbearance: patience, restraint 45. fortitude: strength 46. fortuitous: lucky 47. foster: promote, aid 48. fraught: filled with 49. frugal: thrifty 50. hackneyed: clich��d 51. haughty: being arrogant, talking down to people 52. hedonist: person who acts in pursuit of pleasure 53. hypothesis: unproven theory, educated guess 54. impetuous: rash, impulsive 55. impute: to assign or attribute to someone 56. inconsequential: without consequence, trivial, doesn't matter 57. inevitable: unavoidable, definitely going to happen 58. intrepid: fearless 59. intuitive: knowing something by instinct 60. jubilation: extreme happiness, joy 61. lobbyist: person who takes one side or the other, and persuades government officials 62. longevity: long (particularly long life) 63. mundane: boring, ordinary 64. nonchalant: