Satan: Fallen Angel and Youtube Clip Essay

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Paradise Lost: Book 1

Thesis: In Paradise Lost, book 1, Satan’s first major speech was not only to help the other fallen angels believe in him but it also expresses his new found hatred for God and his want to get back into Heaven to become God himself.

Al Pacino's speech about God (The Devil's Advocate) - Youtube clip.
I. The history of why Lucifer was cast out of Heaven
a. One of three major angels
a.i. Michael- warrior for God. Fighting against those who are evil and against the word of God.
a.ii. Gabriel- messenger of God. Helping lead other angels to spread the word of God.
a.iii. Lucifer (meaning bringer of light)- helped to lead worship.
b. The downfall
b.i. Lucifer saw God’s worship as (somewhat) ridiculous. He wanted to be worshiped just as much as God himself.
b.ii. Saw himself as WORTHY as God.
b.ii.1. Vanity (one of the seven deadly sins)

II. The Satan’s first major speech (lines 84-124)
a. Satan begins to address to his fellow fallen angels/demons/etc. He begins to state that he understands that they are all united in their same thoughts about God- fuming, unappreciated, and even deceived.
a.i. Lines 89-91 ‘United thoughts and counsels, equal hope And hazard in the glorious enterprise, Joined with me once, now misery hath joined In equal ruin;’
b. As he continues to ‘preach’ to his fellow fallen, that in reality, what do they have to lose? God has cast these individuals out of Heaven
b.i. Lines 105-109
c. Satan is unsure of how this