Satire: Methamphetamine and Drug Essay

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Ecstasy and crystal meth
Drug has a massive impact on any individual’s life. It can help when you sick or in pain but there are some drugs that have a negative impact on the user and are illegal to use, these drugs are called illicit drugs. Illicit drugs are categorised into three types depending on how the drug can affect your body, hallucinogen, stimulant and depressant. Hallucinogens like LSD cause the user to see things while stimulant such as ecstasy raises the levels of physiological or nervous activities in the body and finally the depressant which slows down the function of the individual nervous system such as alcohol. All illicit drugs are potent and addictive so it makes it hard for any individual to quit taking the drug. Did u know that around 18% of 10th graders and 22.7% of 12 grader used the called marijuana in the past month. This report will show you two types of drugs called ecstasy, crystal meth, reasons why people take drug and ways to overcome the addiction.
Ecstasy or pills and love drugs, is a stimulant and a mild hallucinogen meaning that increases the speed of messages that are sent through the brain and body as well as some times in, rare occasions can cause hallucinations. Ecstasy is a drug originally developed in Germany in 1912 though it was not eaten by any human until another half 1970 in the United States used the compound MDMA as a therapeutic product. By 1985 the drug was banned due to people abusing it. Nowadays the drug is created illegal can contain other types of drugs such as amphetamines and ketamine but the main drug in it is methylene dioxide meth amphetamine (MDMA) and is swallowed or on some occasions be snorted, smoked or injected. Ecstasy comes in flat round tablets in different shapes and colours. They can sometimes be as capsule and very rarely as powder. The use of ecstasy or any type of drugs is dependent on your health, weight, size and the amount that the user has taken in. it takes about 20min to 1hour for the drug to take effect and can last for approximately 6 hours, ecstasy is taken at party since in heightens alertness by releasing hormones, adrenaline and blood which spreads through your muscle for people to party longer and stay active. Low and moderate doses increases confidents, creates paranoia, aggression, heightens senses and loss of appetite. For others on higher doses, ecstasy can cause increase heart rate, fits, high blood pressure and gives the user a floating sensation. After using ecstasy people experience a “coming down” phase where the experiences anxiety, lack of concentration and depression. Ecstasy has very negative effects on the user and being made labs, many people don’t know what is in it.
The chemical to methamphetamine or is simply called “meth”. When it is in crystal form, it becomes the party drug crystal meth, ice and crank. The drug looks small chunky clear crystals that look like ice. It can also come as white or brownish crystal-like powder with a strong smell and bitter taste. It is typically smoked, injected and sometimes swallowed or snorted. Methamphetamine was first made by the Germans in 1887, it was later on made more potent and easier to make in japan in 1919. The drug became widely used by soldier in WWII to keep them awake then ended up 1950 the drug was used as a prescription drug to fight depression. Being easy to get, the abuse of the drug 1970 the US government finally made the drug illegal but motorcycle gang became the ones distributing the drug.
The strength of ice depends on the person of health like ecstasy. Ice when injected gives the user an immediate pleasure sensation this is called a “rush”, this rush releases a heavy amount of dopamine into the brain. This causes the user to increase in heart rate and blood pressure, increase in wakefulness and increase in respiration. Side effects after the rush are tremors, anxiety and confusion. Further use can cause severe damage to