Satire On Abortion Research Paper

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Fetus. Kill it. Don't you think abortions are a waste of an innocent life? Instead, sign up your unwanted children for military school or the spy kids' program. It is time to reconsider our moral values and find a place for our “mistakes” instead of taking the easy route: aborting. Previously in 2014, about 652,639 successful, legal abortions were reported. Picture the countless lives that could have had the potential to change the world into a more harmonious place. If the government raises them from birth; it is possible that they will become the next Nobel prize winners, an honorable general, or perhaps a well-respected president. Independence and having no weaknesses are one of the benefits, for being an orphan. If you are still not convinced, …show more content…
However, there are still women who survived unsafe abortions, who had suffered long-term health complications. Five million to be exact. It's not much of a surprise since now that everyone and their mothers watched a Vox video about purporting to prove the safety of abortion last year. Later, yet another clinic was making headlines for unsanitary conditions, drawing attention to the need to enforce the safety laws pro-abortion proponents fight bitterly for. That's not the worst part yet. Not only, did the video claimed that abortion complications are lower than getting your wisdom teeth taken out, but also the thing that rubbed most people the wrong way was Vox Liz Plank’s attempt at humor, “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Abortion”. Such horror. They failed to mention the mental health issues that women cope with getting an abortion. It is almost a given that getting an abortion will result in getting depressed. Unfortunately, there is very limited research into the psychological effects of abortion, but we do know what a Tyrannosaurus rex’s genitals size are. 12 foot