Essay on Satire: Suicide and Natural Plant

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Up Up and Away

Despite the war on terror, political corruption, and trillions of dollars in debt, there seems to be an even bigger issue America faces; Marijuana. Each year, Marijuana takes the innocent lives of zero people. This staggering number has stayed mainly consistent for the past 2000 years, although some researchers believe that this natural plant has been around since 6000 BC. The effects of marijuana are obvious, and have been illegal in the United States since the 1930’s. The negative effects of marijuana are hunger, happiness and sleepiness. Each year, 14,000 deaths are direct results of alcohol and alcohol related incidents. Alcohol should remain legal, for the good of the people. The effects of alcohol range from anger to depression, anxiety and confidence ( which is why people are more likely to get behind a wheel, or commit suicide). It seems that the only logical thing to do is to keep alcohol legal and marijuana illegal. Clearly this plant which grows naturally on Earth, should remain illegal. Alcohol which is made of Ethanol,( fuel used in motor cars) should remain legal. If you put a lighter near alcohol, you might just be in trouble since alcohol, (a pure poison to the body), is highly flammable. If you just so happen to put a lighter near a cannabis plant,( a natural plant provided by Earth) you might just find yourself in trouble because it’s illegal. 14,000 deaths as opposed to 0, reveals that obviously marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. The government should continue fighting the battle which costs 7.7 billion dollars each year. Evidently, that 7.7 billion dollars which is accumulated into the nation’s debt, couldn’t be used for more useful things such as feeding the poor or catching murderers. I don’t want to live in a society where marijuana is ever legal because I will never feel…