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Abortions: Legal or Illegal?

The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy that takes place in the first twenty-eight weeks is known as an abortion. Do helpless children have the right to live? Well, according to some women their children don’t have the right to live if they are not yet born. For whatever reason, this is allowed to happen. Women are having sexual intercourse daily, and then are actually surprised that they end up pregnant after not being protected. Or another solution are the morning after pills. These are pills that you take within three days of having intercourse. Maybe these one night stands aren’t the best idea after all, because obviously you don’t want to be pregnant. Or, even a better idea, don’t have sex at all, or at least until you are completely stable in your life and are ready to be a parent. But, if you do end up having a kid, raise it. Then send it off to the military and let them do their job. When you get a telegram that your kid is history, well, you got what you wanted, just twenty years late. Abortions are . One suggestion is for these type of women, the ones who think killing barely developed babies is okay, to stop having sex. The punishments can be as drastic as making surgical removal of the living babies out of their mother cost millions, even billions, of dollars. To even think about having an abortion then, you’ll have to win the PowerBall first. Or to even make it so everytime you have an abortion you have to lose a body part, and it can be as important…