Essay about Satisfaction In Occupations

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Satisfaction in Occupations

People do want to feel satisfied on every aspects, and as if satisfaction is the one that makes people passionate to do something. Especially in occupations. Most people do their job or working based on what rewards they will get and how they do their job, and those will make them to feel satisfied. It is not difficult to feel satisfied, yet it depends on every person personality. There are things that can make people satisfied with their job. First of all having a little hassles could make the occupations satisfying because there won’t be any obstacles. They will assume that they do a great job and almost perfect that can cause a satisfaction. Second is perception of fair pay. Having a fair salary or even slightly bigger with any other workers can make workers to feel satisfied as well; however, the important point here is all about perception, if people think that they do a similar job with the same effort with others and paid about the same, they are more likely to feel satisfied than people who think they getting less than the other. The third one is achieving something. Achieving, producing, or developing the company or firms can cause satisfaction. Next is feedback. People who receive a positive feedback will definitely feel satisfied, and getting a negative feedback can be painful but at least it can tell people where they do wrong and where improvements can be made. Last but not least is work-home overflow. Low job satisfaction isn’t always the boss’ fault, sometimes it’s down to home-life. Trouble at home can cause trouble at office. Satisfaction in occupations depends on the people how they do their job, and if people enjoy doing their job, they can feel satisfied easily.


Is satisfaction in an occupation important?
a. Tania: Yes, satisfaction in occupation is important. Because satisfaction can be our encouragement and boost for our work. Being able to feel satisfied is the first thing that can make me love my job because when people feel satisfied, they know right away that their job is a fit for them. b. Wendy: Of course it is! However it still depends on people’s purposes. If their goal is to earn a lot of money or big salary, they won’t mind if they don’t feel satisfied because what they care is only about money, but if people’s goal is to feel satisfied, so it is important.

What elements can make occupation satisfying?
a. Tania: There are a lot of things that can make me feel satisfied with my work, but the easiest way to feel satisfied is when you feel grateful about what you have and enjoy everything that you…