Satrapi's Persepolis

Words: 484
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Persepolis issues are she is concerned with how the chaos of war (cultural or otherwise) and how it affects the society, and mainly the children of that society. The book represents the Iran’s fall into the hold of radical Islam, showing the gradual limitation of rights and increased event of bloody violence, as well as how those new horrors change and shape the people and culture. The novel itself is graphic, this is for a board audience and it also limits the audience. The format is unconventional, which provokes interest, and easy to understand. I think the book was written for an audience that had prior knowledge of the Islamic Revolution or the history of Iran. However, let talk about Satrapi, I think she chose to tell her story to expose a part of history about which many of us are ignorant. She tells her story to convey to her readers the value of a strong and tough person that can recover quickly and promoting political revolution. She challenges the reader not to back down in the face of adversity, to have inquire for everything, and to do what they believe is right. …show more content…
Many changes were implemented under the new rule that transformed her and society. Margane was all most exile. In her own country many constant threats of death. Her biggest hero was her uncle, a martyr. These reason would make sense for why she would be rebellious child. Margane expressing rebellion was dangerous she got expelled and into trouble on the street. Her parent told her if she kept doing it she would get in to serious trouble. So as a result they sent her to Austria to live with relative and further education. At this point she was literal exile from her