Saturation Essay

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D. Sprowl
English 112
5 October 2014
Midnight Faith
When walking across Biola University’s campus, a major attraction is the Flour Fountain of Faith. When I first visited the campus it definitely caught my eye because of its beautiful colors and soothing sound. Since my time attending Biola, I have discovered that the best time to sit next to the Flour Fountain is at night. As I sit at the metal tables, I take out my Bible and begin reading the book of Exodus in order to complete my Old Testament worksheets. Biola students are all aware of the infamous Professor Talley Old Testament worksheets, and I have just begun mine.
That night, the La Mirada weather was cool and a relief from the smoldering hot
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When I am sitting here relaxing, those feelings begin to fade.
When I was deciding which school was right for me, my mom told me to visit each campus and sit somewhere where I could really get a feel of what the community was like. When
I visited Biola, the place I chose was the exact table I sit at every time I come here to study. I love to be able to sit and remember my experience of why I chose this university in the first place. Each study session reminds me of how much I love Biola and everyone in it.
As I push myself to my limit, I feel a sense of relief as I finish my last page of my last worksheet. The fountain shuts off, which tells me that it is midnight. It is pure silence besides the faint noise of clicking from keyboards on laptops in the distance. I sigh as a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I just sit. I sit and think of the opportunities God has provided me with. I sit and think of everything that has lead up to this moment. I sit and think of God’s goodness. After I pack up my things to head back to my dorm, I take a moment to pull up a chair next to the fountain. I notice the cerulean blue tiles that line four of the seven steps. The other three are painted white with detailed yellow flowers. I put my feet up just as the couple had done earlier and I look up. My eyes wander into the jet black sky full of numerous