Saturday Afternoon Blues Essay

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Racism, difference, the fear of change. Nowadays we may feel as though these are non existing issues in our society, but we see constantly people who scream about mistreatment and cry about indifference. The thought of someone being nothing, the fear of something being everything. We live in a society that is still plagued with disease, diseases plaguing acceptance. Wanda Coleman was a black woman who grew up in Los Angeles in the 50’s and she saw first hand the racism that was existing during this time and arguably to some it still exists in its entirety now. She spent her early life watching the civil rights movement unfold, spotlighting the injustices put upon her and the people around her. She grew up thinking that she was a lesser because …show more content…
Through the descriptive text expressed is a lot of dark imagery, sadness and anger. “I’m a candidate for the coroner, a lyric for a song.” (9), this line is reiterated twice in the poem, it gives an example of the odd mix of messages throughout the poem itself. The words in this line can confuse you. When we think of songs we may think of love and happiness, something that brings people together, but when we think of coroners we think of sadness, death and regret. The poem shows a mix of dark and light imagery, a mix of happiness and sadness. Reading this poem the first time, some might think about a serine and happy place because of the way the poem is written, the rhymes and the layout, but digging deeper shows a meaning of death, regret and sadness.Reading this poem can make you wonder what is causing this sense of sadness and regret which is not directly stated in this poem itself. Reading some of the other poems Wanda wrote, this over lurking theme would become apparent, often times she writes about an overwhelmingly important topic, a topic of racism and civil rights. Growing up seeing the civil rights movement unfold around her, in a city full of minorities, it is apparent through her writing that she feels this is a very important topic. This topic moves her, influences her writing and has helped her to speak her voice louder and more far then she could have ever dreamt. Although there is not