Savages: Love and Chon Essay

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1. Don Winslow is the genius behind Savages. All his works usually consist of stories based on crime and mystery and nearly all his books are set in California. He was born on October 31st,,1953 in New York City. His mother was a librarian, and his father was part of the United States Navy, and was always telling Don story after story after story. Don says that the reason he became a writer was because of his parents, and mostly because of the stories his father use to tell him. At the beginning of Don’s career, he wasn’t an author who was known worldwide until 2010 when he had is breakthrough for his novel Savages. Don Winslow may be recognized for his works such as The King of Cool, The Power of the Dog, The Neil Carey series and of course Savages. Savages was voted one of the top ten novels of 2010, and became a New York Best Seller for a number of weeks. Savages did not necessarily reflect Don’s own personal life and life experiences he faced himself, but what he had seen others face. For many Years, Don Winslow was a private investigator until he worked himself up to High – Profile arson cases in California (which was actually the background story for his novel “California Fire and Life” in 1999). Don got his start in the late 70’s, in Time Square where he likes to consider “The whole place was a glittering river of theft.” Back when he worked there, there was nothing but prostitutes everywhere, porn palaces and crack houses. He described it as him walking on clamshells because there were so many, and you could never avoid it. Don says he always works on two books at a time, and will move back and forth when getting tired of the other one. He ways that every day, he will write from 5:30 to 10:00 in the morning and then will go on a six or seven mile hike, than return straight to his writings when he finishes. He likes to consider writing an addiction, because he can never go without it

2. Savages is a crime and mystery novel, jam packed with sex drugs and murder after murder. It starts with two best friends, Ben and Chon who met in High School and have been friends ever since. Ben went to the University of Berkley and double majored in business and botany, and Chon was a Navy Seal veteran. Ben and Chon had a very successful business and every successful business has an origin story. Microsoft and Apple were born in garages, but Ben and Chon’s was born on the beach. One day while sitting on the beach, Ben turned to Chon and asked him “where do you think the best cannabis in the world comes from?” and chon replied saying Afghanistan, that was the founder moment. Right after discussing this, Chon enlisted in the Army and off to Afghanistan he went where he than smuggled back the finest cannabis seeds. After six years, they had a couple of farms and a great customer base. Ophelia started working for the boys, which than later lead to there deranged love triangle. Ophelia or better known as “O” fell in love with Ben and Chon, and they were all equally in love and okay with the arrangements. Ben would always call Ophelia his own little lotus flower in water. Ben and Chon were later known to have the best weed in the world, but with excellent cannabis businesses, there always came issues and problems. Ben’s guiding philosophy was basically Buddhist. His true genius is that he takes 99% of the violence out of the business. The other 1% was all Chon. Chon’s philosophy was “Don’t fuck with Ben or himself”. Due to the fact Ben and Chon had such an amazing business and created the finest weed ever, a major and violent Mexican drug group called Baja Cartel were interested in partnering with Ben and Chon. Ben and Chon were confused why they wanted to partner with them, so they said they would just sell the Baja Cartel their business, but the Cartel needed Ben and Chon’s expertise. Ben chooses to kindly walk away when the Cartel try to make a move on their business, but like the flip side of a coin,