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Charlie Babbitt is a young Los Angeles
businessman who’s somewhat questionable
high end import car business is on the verge
of failing. When Charlie hears his wealthy
father has passed away he has new found
hope that his business will be saved. Charlie
flies to Cincinnati for the funeral and
reading of the will, only to discover that the
only thing left to him is a ‘49 Buick and the
Patton for his fathers’ prized roses. Charlie
investigates the Wallbrook institution where
the money was left in trust and finds he has
an older brother named Raymond, who is an
“autistic savant”. Out of anger Charlie
kidnaps Raymond hoping to get the fortune

What is Savant Syndrome?


A rare but extraordinary condition in which persons with
serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder, have some
“island of genius” that stands in marked, incongruous contrast to
overall handicap (Treffert).

Who has Savant Syndrome?

* As many as 1 in 10 persons with autistic disorder have

remarkable abilities in varying degrees.
* Males outnumber females in autism and savant syndrome

What causes Savant Syndrome?

* One theory that does provide an increasingly plausible
explanation for savant syndrome is left brain injury
with right brain compensation (Treffert).

*Health Perception/Health Management

* Raymond's perception of health is based on routines. He
has a rigid schedule for all facets of his life.


* Raymond lives in an institution where meals are provided.
He requires the same of Charlie while on the road.

*Pattern of Elimination

* Although the movie makes no reference to elimination,

someone with this diagnosis would have a rigid schedule
for elimination as well as the other patterns of his life.

*Pattern of Activity/Exercise

* Raymond has specific times for every activity. He watches programs at a certain time
and would have a designated time for all activity.

*Conceptual/Perceptual Pattern
*Although Raymond may be able to calculate in his head how many toothpicks
were on the floor, he is unable to do basic things like dress himself.


Pattern of Sleep and Rest

* Raymond has a rigid sleep schedule, even while traveling with Charlie. He often says
“lights out 11 pm” even if they are in the car, they must stop so Raymond can be in
bed by 11pm. Raymond had specific requirements for his sleeping arrangements. He
always had to have the bed by a window.

*Pattern of Self Perception and Self Concept

*Raymond sees himself and others only within his limited capacity. He lacks
cognitive flexibility (Treffert).

* Raymond has a very limited view of anyone or anything outside of his own world.

*Role/Relationship Patterns

* Raymond is portrayed as autistic and therefore not capable of having a loving,
* caring relationship with others. He does not like close physical contact. He does
* however accept Charlie as his brother.

*Sexuality/Reproductive Patterns

* Raymond has not so far had any sexual contact. He meets a girl who wants a “date” and
Charlie teaches him how to dance. He gets his first kiss from Charlie’s girlfriend.

* Pattern of Coping and Stress Tolerance
* Many things cause stress for Raymond. When he becomes

stressed he
copes by withdrawing or begins chanting the “who’s on first”
scenario (by Abbott and Costello), or he can have violent

* Pattern of Values and Beliefs
* Raymond takes everything very literally,
* when crossing the street and the walk sigh changes to don’t

he stops in the middle of the street.

* Raymond is not capable of having his own

belief system. He
knows and remembers what he reads. His life is very structured
and he does not
“think outside of the box”.

*Normal assessment findings
*Raymond is well nourished and in good
physical health.

*Abnormal or risk-based findings
*Almost all the findings would be abnormal.
*Raymond is at risk for many things were
he not…