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FINAL STRATEGIC PLAN BUS/475 Final Strategic Plan Starting a business, a person needs to research and come up with unique ideas to make his or her business successful and to stand out above the rest to catch the attention of the consumer. A business must create a strategic plan using the SWOT analysis to help guide the business in the direction desired. A business must have a path to follow along with a vision, mission, and values. All the efforts are made by SOC to make this place a weight loss recreational area where the children may come and have fun while becoming healthy. The management team at SOC will try its best to provide the customers with the best and to gain a competitive edge over its …show more content…
“Overweight and obesity and their associated health problems have a significant economic impact on the United States health care system” ( According to the CDC, the medical care cost of obesity in the United States is staggering ( This cost involves direct and indirect cost. Direct costs include treatments such as preventive, diagnostic, and, treatment services related to obesity. Indirect costs could involve income lost from decreased productivity, restricted activity, absenteeism, and bed stricken days ( “In 2008, the cost associated with obese health issues totaled about $147 billion” ( Culture and Social Responsibility When looking at the rise of obesity among our children, one must also look at culture. “Culture is a system of shared understandings that shape and, is shaped by experience” ( To some, culture provides meaning to a set of rules for a certain behavior. An example of the shared understanding is clearly seen pertaining to obesity, including understanding of its causes, courses, and cures, and the extent to which a society or ethnic group views obesity as an illness ( Culture is believed to contribute to childhood obesity in numerous ways ( “Culture influences