Saving On A Small Scale

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Khadijah Lisbon
March 6th, 2014
Professor Manu
ACDV 101
Saving on a Small Scale
Micro-savings, used to describe saving loose change. When talking about micro-savings, a lot of people have a hard time saving any amount just because it isn’t thought about. After holding a few discussions, and reading literature, I learned that saving on a small scale isn’t difficult if you take the time to really figure out what’s important.
After watching the “Beyond the Classroom Walls” video, I came to realize that those students had real life goals that they needed to complete. Some of those things couldn’t have been done without the dreams that they had to be successful. In order to be successful, you need to have goals, like completing school so that you can get a better job to support your family. I learned that there are multiple options out there for me should I ever need help. If money becomes an obstacle I can always sign up for grants and scholarships. I’d like to stay away from loans for the time being.
Saving isn’t really a problem for me, I tend to put spare change away on a daily basis. Spare change feels like it weighs me down throughout my day. After a while spare change seems to add up, it can put gas in your car, it can pay for lunch. There are lots of things you can do with spare change that many people didn’t know. I happened to pay for my car using money that I had saved up over a couple of months. After reading chapter 11 and completing the assignment I learned that I