Essay on Savior Or Soother

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Matthew Notaro
Section G
4 February 2015
Religion 1
Which do You See Jesus More as: a Savior or a Soother? It is very well known that Christians recognize Jesus as their Savior and Messiah. Many people of different religions know this and even argue with the Christians whether or not this is true, but that does not change the fact that they believe in Him as the Savior. It is also known that most Christians pray to God for a variety of reasons, but the most popular reason tends to be prayers of petition.
Most people will always want help with whatever is bothering them or stressing them out at that time, and many turn to God. They want Him to aid them, make their problems leave them, and soothe them. Looking to God for aid of temporary problems is fine, but if one is only asking for help in the present, then there is a problem there. Some sometimes forget the real and most important reason why God sent His only Son to suffer and die on a cross – their salvation. They are more focused on the present problems, rather than their distant death and judgment. They are so bothered by the present pain and suffering that they overlook where they will end up on their judgment day.
God sent His only Son so that humanity’s salvation may be won, and the gates of heaven could be opened, giving people the chance of eternal happiness with God in heaven. This does not mean all problems of the world just miraculously vanished, and everyone was happy all of the time here on earth. They