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Saxonville Sausage Case Study
To build a strong brand and avoid the commodity trap, marketers must start with the belief that you can differentiate anything. The key is to position your product so that it coincides with the minds of your customers; you want your product to be the first thing that the consumer desires.
Females turned out to be the top purchases and preparers of the Italian sausage. After this was found out in the critical research that Banks went through, female women between the ages of 20 to 50 would be the best market segment that would appreciate the Italian Sausage and become the most loyal of customers. Banks needs to tap into the consumer’s life values and find something that would raise them and make them feel good when they are using the Saxonville brand of Italian sausage. This is when the positioning territories become involved, what differentiates a product or brand competitively in the market and in the mind of a target consumer. The original four positioning territories; Family connection, love, balance, and creative cooking were great ideas. I feel that if two of those could be replaced, I would replace balance and creative cooking. That is because in exhibit 9, we were shown that the balancing act and labor of love received the lowest of the votes by consumers.
One positioning territory I would suggest would come close in hand with family connection. I would think that if Saxonville focuses on the family so much, they would try a positioning territory for the workingwoman. In todays society women work just as much as the men, and then they pick their children up from daycare. I would think that a company would want to focus on the broader picture and involve the women that do not spend their day at home, but in the work place. In this case the women would be more apt to find Italian sausage labels that catch the eye.
The second positioning territory I would suggest would be the focus on the family that is trying to be more health conscious. These days, with the obesity rates so high and children that are getting out of control with their weight issues, companies have started to produce products more towards the health conscious consumer. I think that Saxonville would be better off focusing their products on the health conscious consumer.
From the two positions described above, I feel that the best choice would be to focus on the health conscious consumer.…