SBH YMD Gotcha Rules Essay

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Deadlines are at 11:59:59 PM th Monday, August 11 th Wednesday, August 13 th Saturday, August 16 (Accounting for Shabbat) th Monday, August 18
You must make at least one kill between every deadline. If you fail to kill your target, you are out. th Example: If Bob killed 2 people before August 11
, he still must make a kill between the beginning of th th
August 12 and the end of August 13 RULES: th ∙
Game begins August 10 at 12:00 AM

Kills must be made with
WATER ONLY (with at least the amount of a quarter) by splashing/squirting the water on your target.

You cannot kill your target on their residential property

You cannot kill your target during work/camp or on work/camp property (this includes camp busses
ONLY if you are a bus councilor)

You cannot kill your target on shul property or at any religious/charitable function (this includes classes, weddings, etc.) o
Furthermore, you cannot kill your target at a formal party

Shabbat is a GOTCHA­safe day. No kills may be made on this day. o
For deadlines that occur during Shabbat, the deadline has been extended an extra day considering you cannot make a kill during 25 of your 48 hour kill period.

Police involvement or rough physical play will result in disqualification.

If your target is PLAYING in a charity tournament (if you are unsure what qualifies as a charity tournament, ask me), (s)he is safe at the tournament. Once confirmed that the target is no longer playing in the tournament they still have 15 minutes that they…