Sydney Boys High-Nurturing Scholar Sportsmen Since 1883

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Sydney Boys High – Nurturing Scholar Sportsmen since 1883
Sydney Boys High School will be 132 years old in 2015. It was the first government high school in NSW and has played an important part in Australia's history, producing community leaders in law, science, the arts, business, finance, the public service, industry, politics, the professions, religion and in sport. When you accept enrolment at
High you become part of a very proud tradition and benefit from the contributions of past High parents. Attendance at High is a very special opportunity – the school is unique as a leading academically selective state school with
GPS membership – offering you opportunities not available at any other state school. Students at our school seek to excel in academics, sport, leadership, citizenship, service and co-curricular activities. Students are expected to participate fully in school life. Our educational philosophy is based on Gagné’s model of talent development and
Ziegler’s actiotope model of excellence through the interaction of the environment and the individual. We focus heavily on providing the physical and psychological environment that will maximise opportunity for all students with diverse interests and abilities.
The school has an enrolment of 1194 and is divided into two self-contained entities for Years 7-9 and Years 10-12.
Boys come from all over Sydney to experience an all-round education at High. All boys go on to tertiary study.
Academic expectations are very high. All boys participate in academic competitions. In Year 7 students are offered choices in their language study. Enriched or compacted curricula are delivered in Years 7-10. Structured acceleration opportunities are built into curriculum offerings in Years 9 to 11. Senior courses are taken at advanced level only. University Developed Board Endorsed courses are offered in stage 6. The school operates two libraries (Junior and Senior) staffed by two Teacher Librarians. In these libraries, boys have access to networked computers, research software and wireless connection. The school operates extended Library hours to provide students opportunities for extra study before school. The libraries are financed by the SBHS Library Fund.
Sydney Boys High School is unique among NSW state secondary schools due to its membership (since 1906) of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools formed in 1892 to order and regulate sporting fixtures for member schools. The other eight members of this Association (commonly called the ‘GPS’) are private schools. All members of the GPS highly value their membership and are focused on the invaluable contribution of sport for boys – enjoyment, balanced development and competition held in good spirit. There are high expectations of training and game attendance, conduct and sportsmanship as a participant in GPS competition. This competition is played on Saturday, summer and winter. Boys are expected to play two GPS sports each year, involving one sports afternoon, Saturday competition and up to two training sessions per week either before or after school. We ask that you do not schedule private commitments (eg music or academic lessons) before 6.00 pm, Monday to
Thursday in preparation for next year. Rowing, cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming, water polo and sailing are our summer sports. Rugby, football, target rifle shooting, volleyball, cross country running, fencing, and table tennis are offered in winter. Athletics has its own season. The school also competes in the Combined High Schools
Sports Association (CHS) knockout competitions as a foundation member since 1913.
At Abbotsford the Sydney High School Foundation Inc owns and maintains The Outterside Centre, a fine rowing facility, incorporating dormitory accommodation for overnight training camps. We have access to the McKay playing fields under a licence held by the Foundation with Centennial Parklands. On the Moore Park campus, our
UTS Sports Stadium provides excellent