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Center Partners Final Report
Scott Bray
Rasmussen College

Author’s note: This assignment is being submitted by Scott Bray on 3/21/2015 for Customer Service at Rasmussen College
Center Partners Final Project If there were one ideal to describe the culture at CP it would be high energy. Anybody that knows anything about call centers will tell you they breed stress. The company recognizes this and does its absolute best to keep positive energy flowing throughout the call center. Each account has its own protocols and special bonuses that you might enjoy, but almost everyone enjoys free foods. Holidays are an especially stressful time for anybody at Center Partners but the company provides free food to help keep people’s spirits up. Unlike some other companies Center Partners wants to make sure its agents are prepared adequately to take and handle a majority of the calls. The company offers a paid training program where you will be 8 hours a day learning through computer modules, role play and question and answer discussion projects with your instructor. Special projects like team battles or posters will help you remember key concepts. As part of the training any possible agent will have to test at the end of the training and if they cannot complete the test then they will be let go. The company though does its best to make sure anybody who is willing to own their own learning and really work at it will succeed. Center Partners also has a policy that they like to promote from within. If you excel at your position it will be noticed. One nice thing is that if there are major changes in the way things are done CP will schedule you into a class to go into the training rooms and learn about these changes, before customers become aware of them. Center Partners slogan is that your brand is a promise and we will keep it. In laymen’s terms this means that a company’s name is special and people will expect great customer service. The only thing I personally did not like was that when talking to people we could not say that we worked for Center Partners, rather we would say we worked for Company X, i.e. whatever account we were on.
The website is easily accessible and user friendly. The website does use some visual dynamics to make it stand out. It should be noted that there are two types of customers when it comes to dealing with Center Partners. There are the customers or big companies who purchase their services, and then there are those people’s customers who talk to the employees or Center Partners. Center Partners website at the very top has a ribbon based interface. Many of the common questions that you might have as a potential customer of Center Partners are answered, they also have an easy to find FAQ page for other common questions. Contact information for the site is easy to find. The contact section is broken apart depending upon who you are trying to contact. The website has an interface where you can send your question off to them and someone will get back in touch with you. In terms of their offices they also have all the addresses and phone numbers listed for their offices. The site is not a retail site and as such there are not products that you can purchase through them over the web. In terms of customer loyalty the website does fall a little bit short, but they do note that they have gotten several customer service awards. Center Partners makes its customers a promise that their brand is a promised and they will keep it. The website offers a potential customer a chance to schedule a particular visit to a location. In the Center Partners I worked at in Idaho we had 4 different accounts in our center. Center Partners makes it easy to contact them and schedule a time to visit. In terms of diversity the website can offer phone customer service to any and all potential customers. There is not a set size of an account to my knowledge that a customer has to have, depending upon how much support is needed