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The School Counseling Advisory Committee is made up of parents, teachers, school counselors, administrators and community members to review and make recommendations about school counseling program activities and results. The Committee helps set and monitor the counseling program goals. The Committee meets quarterly for a meeting before school on
Wednesdays. Any parent or staff member wishing to serve on the Committee should contact
Dr. McCormac. is made up of professionals inside the building and outside in the community. Teaming collaboration community outreach. Stakeholders that share common goals and resources. The building itself, parks, churches, subdivisons, businesses, families. Help generate support for the school counseling program
An advisory Board is used to personalize a schools learning environment. A team of school community stakeholders including but limited to parents, teachers, school counselors, administrators, social workers, members of the criminal justice programs, churches, parks, recs I found that the participants' described social-emotional learning and social justice education as the primary purpose of the ninth grade advisory . Second, the advisory teachers described their advisory roles as life-guides and family members. The guidance counselor and assistant principal described advisors as the first point of contact and student advocates. Third, the participants described the advisory content as being grounded in students' interests and the BSSJ Guide to
Advisory implementation (ACS) level was reported by students as significant in: (1) individual measures (general esteem, delinquency); (2) student/teacher-adult relationship measures (support
$\{$teachers$\}$, personal problem help); (3) program curriculum (family responsibility); and (4) school climate/environment (quality of middle school life). Socioeconomic level seemed to influence
(1) student/ teacher-adult relationship measures (support $\{$teachers$\}$) for high socioeconomic females, who reported the lowest means regardless of ACS level; (2) school climate/environment (SES
$\{$teacher support$\}$) for high socioeconomic females, and (SES $\{$decision making$\}$) for low socioeconomic students.

Rationale A School Counseling Advisory Board is a vehicle to personalize a schools learning environment. (Hamilton, Rhea. 2009) Members of the SCAB can include parents, teachers, administrators, community and business members. These stakeholders have a common interest in the building and the quality of educational provided. They combine shared resources and strengthen the goal reducing barriers to education. The SCAB helps support families and individual students, significantly impacting socialĀ­emotional learning of students.
Teachers involved have reported support in their roles as lifeĀ­guides and family members.
They are able to use the resources of the SCAB to get students resources they need to be successful. Some examples could include uniforms, free lunch, help with housing and access to the internet.
Roles of administration are described as the first point of contact and student advocates.
Administrators on the SCAB may be first point of contact working with local parks and recs for youth leagues.