Be Thankful For The People Struggling To Limit NSA Spying

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Be Thankful for the People Struggling to limit NSA Spying
Work Cited:
Robert, Z\Scheer. “Be Thankful for the People Struggling to limit NSA Spying”. Human Events. June 2013: 29. Print.
II. Main Idea
Robert Scheer talks about how even still with the recent Edward Snowden attack and an invasion of privacy, many haven’t been getting the justice that they need.
III. Fact/ Opinion
A. Fact: “On Monday the Supreme Court, ruling on an emergency petition, declined to do the right thing and hear a case challenging the massive government surveillance of Americans, revealed by the leaks from Edward Snowden..” (1)
Opinion: “This Fourth Amendment back door needs to be closed, not written into stone..”
IV. Paraphrase
A. “As opposed to the Feinstein bill, one offered by another Democratic senator, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and supported by Wyden would require a specific warrant to search the NSA database for information on U.S. nationals. Leahy, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has co-sponsored that bill with his House counterpart, F. James Sensenbrenner, the Wisconsin Republican who chairs that chamber’s judiciary committee. “ (1)
B. Patrick Leahy of Vermont introduced this Democratic law making it harder for the NSA to search information on you without an warrant.
V. Tone:
A. Informational
B. “The significant reforms in this bill,” Sen. Udall said at the time, “are especially important in light of declassified reports that show what Sen. Wyden and I have known for years. The National Security Agency has been unable to properly manage existing surveillance programs. This has led to the abuse of Americans’ privacy and misleading statements made to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and we’ve only seen