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The A’s Evolution

In the novel The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynn was a married woman living in Salem, Massachusetts. Her husband sent her to the colonies with many other Puritans from England in the early 1600s from England, but promised to come to the new land soon after he finished his work in England. However, he did not arrive in Salem for several years (shortly after the beginning of the novel), leaving the beautiful, lonely, young woman in Salem, Massachusetts. After a few years she and many other townsfolk, started to believe her husband had died and that was why he had not come. Hester got to know a young reverend by the name of Arthur Dimmesdale, who was very respected and loved by the townspeople. Over a period of time Hester and Dimmesdale became closer and more intimate until one day they committed adultery in the woods. This was one of the worst sins in the Puritan community and could not be tolerated; therefore they kept it a secret. Unfortunately, Hester became pregnant from this sin and could not keep what she had done a secret. Hester did not reveal Arthur Dimmesdale as the father of the child, and Dimmesdale did not confess. This led to a guilty conscience which would eventually kill him. After Hester had the child, which she named Pearl, she was publicly shamed. She was made to stand on the scaffold with the child for three hours. Pg.2