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Salvador Dalí
Salvador Domingo Jacinto Dalí i Doménech is one of the greatest painters of all time, although most people know this amazing artist as just Salvador Dalí. Salvador was born on May 11th, 1904, in the town of Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain. His father was a Catalonian notary and a well-respected lawyer who was also an atheist; Dalí’s mother, however, was Catholic. Dalí was the second child, but his parents spoiled and lavished him with attention because his older brother, Salvador, died of gastroenteritis at an early age, and the family believed that Dalí was a reincarnation of his older brother, Salvador. Although Dalí’s father was an atheist, Salvador attended a Catholic school. During his time in school, Dalí’s favorite class was art class. He was highly imaginative only in art class and later on, thanked his art teacher for introducing him to art. In 1916, while on a family trip to Cadaqués, Dalí discovered modern painting. Dalí had his first exhibition in 1919 at the Municipal Theatre in Figueres. 1921 was when disaster struck, as Dalí’s mother passed away due to breast cancer. This was especially hard on Dalí because his mother was the one who loved to spoil him the most. In 1926, Dalí was suspended from the Academia de San Fernando for an alleged rebellious incident. That same year in Paris, Dalí met the artist who influenced him the most, Pablo Picasso. Shortly after his meeting with Picasso, Dalí grew his signature mustache, which went along quite well with his eccentric personality. He felt that his mustache was so significant and recognizable that