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The Scarlet letter essay

We have all been in troubling times in our lives some worse then others. Life is like a roller coaster it has it's ups and downs and if you've said you haven't had any bad times you probably lying well, In this story there is a girl who puts up with a lot of negativity in a town having a guilt trip put on her and this story is called The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne uses the character Hester to illustrate that guilt impacts humans mentally and physically for example, in the story The Scarlet Letter a girl named Hester who got pregnant and had a child but no one knows the father in the beginning so she has to stand up in front of the town as a guilt trip and confess who she sinned with but she refuses and is given The Scarlet Letter then put back in prison. The Scarlet letter is a symbol of a sin or wrong doing which the person or Hester in this case has to wear it for everyone to see which makes the person feel guilty for what they have done wrong, but for Hester she has another form of symbol that she has to look at everyday to see and feel guilty about but this one thing also is the only thing that brings her happiness. This other form of symbol is the from the sin she has done to earn the scarlet letter is her daughter Pearl. Everyday she see's her daughter Pearl the guilt of the sin she has committed sits on her mind. That's just a summary of some of the guilt Hester has put up with. Another person in The Scarlet Letter that Hawthorne uses is, Mr. Dimmesdale. He also had a lot of guilt but his was not expressed to where everyone could see his was a secretly kept all balled up inside which probably hurts the most. For the longest time Mr. Dimmesdale was the preacher and he would preach to others as they confessed and were lifted spiritually but since Dimmesdale has kept certain secrets