Scarlet Letter Essay example

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Physically: I’m a very active person who loves to do sports. I love to dance, love to run, play tennis, play basketball, and also love to jump rope. Most of the time I’m physically, but it depends on what it is and how it is supposed to be done.
Mentally: I’m a very sensitive person and also very determine. Because I don’t listen to what people that judge me say I just do what I know is right and ignores them. I’m also strong minded because I know that failing is a part of success so whenever I fail I always study very harder. Emotionally: Most of the time I am happy sometimes I’m sad but it depends on what it is. I may be happy sometimes whenever I get a good grade or have done well on my test. And most of the times I may be sad whenever someone says negative things about me like I’m ugly , I’m just a pretending person or whenever I get in a fight .

Socially: I love watching TV, I’m very friendly, love to listen to music, and is also very caring. I will talk to someone like a friend or my family if I have to talk to them about something that their doing wrong or maybe something that I know is bad or maybe a place where they shouldn’t be.

Habits: I’m a very successful person who has a habit of not listening to what people say and doing what’s right.
Behavior: My behavior towards adults is very successful like being very polite, very respectful, kind, and also very helpful. Attitud:Most of the time my attitude gets worse and also to a limit which I can’t control them because they’re absolutely out of control. Environment: It would be a better and very disposable environment if people would start throwing their trash in the trash cans instead of leaving them on the floor. I can also be very active sometimes.
I describe myself this way because this is the kind of person that I’m truly is and was raised. I also describe myself has becoming a better person than I am. I describe myself has a physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially person, I also trained myself to