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“Exploding the Moment”
Original: “When her elf-child had departed, Hester Prynne made a step or two towards the track that led through the forest, but still remained under the deep shadow of the trees. She beheld the minister advancing along the path, entirely alone, and leaning on a staff which he had cut by the way-side. He looked haggard and feeble, and betrayed a nerveless despondency in his air, which had never so remarkably characterized him in his walks about the settlement, nor in any other situation where he deemed himself liable to notice. Here it was woefully visible, in this intense seclusion of the forest, which of itself would have been a heavy trial to the spirits. There was a listlessness in his gait; as if he saw no reason for taking one step farther, nor felt any desire to do so, but would have been glad, could he be glad of any thing, to fling himself down at the root of the nearest tree, and lie there passive for evermore” (Hawthorne 184).

Explosion: My eyes concentrated on my precious jewel, Pearl. She was a child of passion, wild and unfettered. Her bouncy black curls danced in the wind as she skipped with her delicate feet towards the other end of the adventure-filled forest. I cautiously stepped towards the moss-veiled trail that snaked through the mahogany-brown forest. The sound of crackling leaves and snapping branches filled my ears. I breathed a sigh of relief as I admired the creaking branches.The rattling wind swimming though my hair, directed me over my shoulder. With a turn of my head, I felt the scene change, as if someone had set wallpaper to scenery. It was a forest as clear as day. The roaming insects of various sizes and colors through the land of green. But one thing disturbed this scene, that made it look ghastly yet so inviting. The embedded and untouched trail ran down the center of this alluring forest. The aged castles of wood towered over me. They were like guardians, keeping me away from the crude Puritan society that had scarred me emotionally for so many years. I lifted my face, letting the light and shadow dance across my skin. Bees hummed in and out of the daisies. I inhaled the forest’s minty smell and continued on, delighted by the sound of my feet sliding through the leaves. The taste of pine in the air was refreshing. Squirrels scampered around me searching for food under bristles of wispy moss. Berries lay ripening under the leafy, protective dome of the forest. I examined the sky that cast light on Pearl. Luminous petals of silver freckled the sky. The stars were like lucid snowflakes of silver as they sprinkled the night sky. It was a breathtaking view. I heard