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Scarlet Perez
SLS 1501
Personal Success
Music Presentation Assignment

The first piece of music I am presenting today is by artist Pharell Williams.
I chose the song “HAPPY” by this artist because it is meaningful, motivational, and full of energy. I prefer music that take you through a visual journey rather than meaningless music that our era celebrates. I strongly believe that music transfers a message and that message turns into energy and I would prefer mines to be pleasant full of positivity and livid. However, there are different types of music for each occasion and moods but something about this particular song makes the day better while I am driving to work. After all, what is better than a song that lifts up your spirit correct? Let’s proceed.

From the Artist point of view I predict: I personally think while the artist made this song he was thinking about pleasing certain crowds and listeners. For instance, the video provides us with different races, different shapes and sizes and different styles of people all over the world.
He is also sending out a positive message that tells us that no matter what lives brings your way nothing should take away your joy and your strength to get by regardless of any situation we encounter on a daily. He is trying to say “hey! I don’t just see the world with a certain view I know what goes on and I will deliver this message to you so you can…