Essay on Scarlett: Gender and Feminism

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The dictionary definition of feminism: “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.” The problem with this is that feminism has no real definition, feminism is defined by the feminist. Yes, feminists throughout history have fought for things such as political, economic, and social equality, but today feminism is so much more,and yet at the same time, so much less. There are plenty of feminists in history that have fought for worthy causes, but are there any worthy causes left? The problem with feminism used to be that it sought to invert male and female gender roles in one generation. Men were supposed to be more sensitive, like women, and women were supposed to be more ambitious, like men. Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, being a feminist wasn’t hard. Today , a common view of feminists is something along the lines of women who wear no makeup, don’t shave, don’t dress to mens standards, and flat out compete with men. TO most feminist is considered a rather derogatory word.
In an interview writer Joss Whedon was asked “Why do you write these strong female characters?” his response was “Because you’re still asking me that question.” In reality, most feminists, are in fact men. People we view as male feminists today are; Brad Pitt, Barrack Obama, John Lennon, Bill Clinton, Kurt Cobain, and several other influential male figures. Male Feminists are both glorified and belittled. Can a man ever really know a womens struggles? Most male feminist arguments are made through common sources of media .ie; tv, radio, magazine. Jennifer Anistons famous line “No uterus, No opinion” applies to one of todays most pressing feministic issues; abortion. Can men fight or Defend something they will never have to experience? Women don’t want male feminists, its almost anti-feminists. Is a man really neccasary in getting a womens point across or is it just a claim at control. Men need a sense of control only achieved by sex and degrading a womans appearance and intelligence. Male feminists are sending women back more then they are helping them forward.

thescarlettletter,clearlywrittenbyaman(nathanialhawthorne)clearlyrelatestothetopicofmalefeminists.canthescarlettlettertrulybeconsideredafeministbookifitiswrittenbyaman?Hester is blamed for sleeping wiht dimmsdale, which, is her fault, btshe was victimized because she was the woman in the relationship. Dimmsdale wouldnt have been blmed, based on both his status and his gender. This almost encourages the judgement of women. yes, at the end of the book she is looked upon as an angel and able. Clearly Hawthorne