Scarlett Letter Essay

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Debate confession is good for the soul as it relates to the novel?
The novel The Scarlett Letter introduced confession is good for the soul; Confession means an acknowledgment or disclosure of sin or sinfulness ( Confession becomes a major role in the lives of every character. From punishing themselves to torturing others because of their sin, after a while not confessing will lead them to build guilt.
The novel begins off by stating the main character and the starting conflict. Hester Prynne is her name, and she has committed adultery. Her sin brought along two men of the names of Rev. Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth. Hester being married to Mr. Chillingworth being a married couple, Chillingworth was taken from his home. Hester being alone found a companion with Rev. Dimmesdale after committing adultery, the result left Hester with a child; leading to consequence for example the town sees her as a filthy woman with a Satan child. The conflict leads them to keep their sin within them, because they are afraid of what others would think of their actions. When confession starts to overpower their strength to keep quiet, one by one begin to confess. The first one to become weak is Rev. Dimmesdale. A sign of his weakness is placing his hand over his heart because of the pain within him Dimmesdale embraced the scarlet letter, though he did so secretly as a punishment to himself. Dimmesdale’s personal repentance made him feel separate from society though most people did not know. His confession brought along Hester causing