SCC800: Discrimination Essay

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1. EXAM REVIEW within 7 day of exam of question rationales with exam for students to view. Ten students to be allowed in exam review at once. Students may challenge the rationales on their student report sheet or other and submit it at conclusion of exam review. Exam guidelines to be implemented during review (I.e. No talking, no cell phones, etc…).
Responsible: Nursing Faculty
Exam 3 for acute

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Directed that pursuant to 201 KAR 20:360, Section 1, subsection 4, the following programs of nursing with a pass rate of less than 85 percent for one year shall be issued a letter of concern and the nurse administrator shall be requested to submit an analysis of the cause(s) of the high failure rate on the licensure examination and plans to correct the deficiencies in the future:
Morehead State University Baccalaureate Degree Program Morehead

The nursing faculty believes that nurses must maintain a high level of integrity. Integrity is demonstrated by honesty, fairness, respect, and trust. Therefore, deception for individual gain is an offense against the profession of nursing. Deception includes but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and misrepresentation.
Cheating is defined as wrongful giving, taking, altering or fabrication of any course work (examinations, written reports, care plans, etc.) for the purpose of gain for self or others.
Plagiarism is defined as the act of copying, stealing or using another’s ideas, words, or specific substances as one’s own without giving credit to the source. For example: submitting written work which is not the work of the student; failure to identify in part or in whole the original author; failure to use quotations for any idea which has not been assimilated in the writer’s own language; or paraphrasing (rewording) a passage so it is not grammatically changed.
Misrepresentation is defined as work submitted improperly or falsely to meet course requirements. For example: falsifying information; altering work for regarding; another person replacing student for an examination or laboratory; or presenting the same paper to different courses without prior approval of both faculty members.
Should a question arise regarding academic honesty in course work, it is the student’s responsibility to consult the instructor for clarification. Faculty will exercise one of the following sanctions for academic dishonesty:
1. A grade zero (0) on the individual assignment.
2. A grade “E” for the course in which the offense occurred.
3. Permanent dismissal from the Department of Nursing.

Wayne D. Andrews –President
Gerald L. Demoss- Provost
Roger R. McNeil, Dean
Lynn Parsons, Chair, Department of Nursing

5. file for Academic Grievance

If a student believes that s/he has received unfair or inappropriate treatment in academic endeavors, s/he should address the issue directly with the person or people involved. If the issue is not resolved in this manner, the student has the right to file a formal grievance. For more information, please review the grievance policy on-line. Dean of Students
211 ADUC
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2014

6. CALL THE COPS FOR POLICE REPORT: Personnel are on duty 24 hours a day.
Call 783-2035 any time for assistance—report verbal accusation, verbal harassment, threatened and violated of my independent rights, Verbal ASSULT: Having a verbal altercation with another person which reasonably causes them to be fearful or intimidated

The right to academic freedom and individual integrity
Morehead State University maintains that the principles of academic freedom and free inquiry, freedom from discrimination, and freedom from abridgement of personal rights are fundamental to